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Hello! I am Aleena the owner of Honey Tree. I am based in Kalamazoo, Michigan but travel where ever I am needed. Some of my clients have led me to Puerto Vallarta, Oregon, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and many other exciting places. I will almost never say no at the chance to travel and explore somewhere new!

My 6 children and my husband are my whole world. Being able to raise my kids to appreciate music and art is one of my favorite parts of being a mom. We are always creating. The memories made with my wild bunch will always be my favorite.

I am an artist through and through. I eat, sleep and breathe art. I live for the moments I can create. Whether that be making my kids cool birthday cakes, building spaceships out of cardboard boxes, doodling for hours with my children, writing poems with my morning coffee, or my very favorite-photography.

Photography for me is an outlet to capture real emotions. I live to capture those candid moments and tell your story. After I capture all of those beautiful smiles and faces, I blast some good music and pour my soul into the editing of your photos. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I have been known to edit an entire wedding and then on a whim stay up all night and redo all of the photos. This is because I am an artist and a perfectionist and I truly care about the things I create.

My rates are based on years of experience and the quality of the photos. In all my years I have yet to have an unhappy client to my knowledge. (Knocking on all the wood around me) I think this is because from start to finish I try to make you and your family comfortable. I bust out all the bad mom jokes I know, all of the crazy nosies and faces for the little ones and whatever it takes to make it a good time. So relax, don’t stress about your session. Just come vibe with me and let me capture your most precious memories.

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