Meet the lady behind the lens

Hiiiiii. I'm Aleena.

I'm a wife and mother of 6 kids! I'm an artist through and through. I eat, sleep and breathe art. I live for the moments I can create. Whether that be making my kids cool birthday cakes, building spaceships out of cardboard boxes, doodling for hours with my children, writing poems with my morning coffee, or my very favorite-photography.
I travel often with my family which means no matter where you are, I will meet you there!

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For inquiring minds

Why do I have so many damn kids?

I brought 3 and he brought 2 and together we had 1. It's a wild, beautiful life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Favorite place I've traveled so far?

SEDONA! It was magic. ✨
Don't get me wrong Mexico on the beach sipping drinks is amazing but I left my heart in Arizona.

How long have I been married?

6 years this year! & Let me tell you- marriage is hard y'all. Especially with hella kids. Sometimes I want to learn Karate just kick his ass but I dont know what I would do without this man. He treats me like a queen.

Do I have pets?

Yes! 2 cats Willy & Willow and a Rescue pup named Happy. My son also has a leopard gecko.

Favorite music?

I am ALL OVER THE PLACE with my music. I love it all! Mt. Joy, Russ, Mike., Morgan Wallen, Zach Bryan, Lumineers, Teddy Swims, Ziggy Alberts, Glass Animals, Jelly Roll, Post Malone, Jack Harlow. 90s country, 80s-90s rock (grew up on Metallica, Alice In Chains, Pantera, Nirvana, Aerosmith etc.)

Drink of choice?

Tequila! Mexican mules or margaritas are my favorite. I also love Mom waters.

but 98% of my life you can just find me drinking room temp water. If you know, you know. 😂

Whats my coffee order?

Mocha, Hot, with oat milk. Half Caff (hello anxiety😂)

How long have I have been a photographer?

10 years! Those first years I only photographed people I knew and my kids but I am still counting them. 9 years for weddings!

Flowers or house plants?

PLANTS. My house is like a damn Jungle. I love plants so much. Flowers are beautiful but they die so fast.

What brings me happiness?

Besides my family, I love to read, draw, paint, take ridiculously hot baths, listen to music. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere and just feeling the grass on my toes and hearing the birds around me.

Favorite Food?

I am a major foodie!! Food makes me happy dance!💃 I love tacos, sushi, steak all the things. TRUFFLE TOTS. Chocolate cake, moose tracks, cookies!

Favorite thing to photograph?

I love photographing couples in love! I also really love how fast paced weddings are.

"It's a big world out there, go explore"

....but bring me with you to photograph it of course!

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